Saturday, January 4, 2014

Poush Mela (Winter Fair)' 2013 - পৌষ মেলা ১৪২০

Date: 20-22 December' 2013
Venue: Ramna Batamul, Dhaka

Poush Mela(winter fair), a traditional fair held at the end of the Bangla month of Poush, got off to a colorful start at the Ramna Batamul premises on 20-22 December, 2013 in Dhaka. The fair organised by National Poush Mela(winter fair) Observance Committee. Winter "pitha" (pancakes) of different shapes and sizes were up for grabs at the fair.

The season’s festivity is being celebrated in the busy city through a three day Poush Mela at the Ramna Batamul.

The fair organsied by Poush Mela Udzapan Parisad consists of music, dance, theatre, recitations and delicious pithas sold in makeshift stalls through which the city dwellers enjoyed the festivity brought in by the season.

People gathered at the fair also enjoyed the pithas and other products as much as they took pleasure in the performances of singers and dancers. The fair featured pithas such as bhapa pitha, chitai pitha, patisapta pitha, atrashi rangorosh, khirkuli, narkel nadu, tiler khaja, sabji piaju and an endless list of pithas. 

Apart from the pithas, season’s fresh honey was sold at the stalls as well. There were some stalls where people got their hands painted with henna/mehendi. The gathering was also interested in buying the handicrafts made from bamboo and cane.